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Back in Stride Again...

I feel like I haven’t had the chance to catch you up to speed on what has been going on these days, and for that, I apologize. There is so much that I could explain, and I’ll do my best to do so as best as possible.

The New Year started off sort of rough. We were still in the midst of the federal government shutdown, and things were a bit tight for a while. On top of that, we were still going through the radiation therapy for Beloved as part of her breast cancer treatment, and we were dealing with the lung cancer chemotherapy for my father, who was diagnosed back in October. It was a lot of plates to spin, and for the most part, it played itself out.

And then February hit…

I celebrated my 45th birthday at the beginning of the month, and then Beloved completed her radiation treatment, so things felt like they were starting to pick back up. The government shutdown was finally over and we were just getting back to work, I was releasing some new material (in short story form) and began to feel like I was getting back to some sort of normal.

And then my father passed away, succumbing to lung cancer.

That was a jolt to the system that I thought I was preparing for, but you can never really prepare for one of the foundations of your life to just be gone. It took me a few weeks to get myself together after burying him, and to a degree, I’m still not myself, not entirely, but I have done my best to keep moving forward.

March and April were a comedy of errors on so many levels, I would have to laugh to keep from crying. Work started to get a bit stressful, but managed to get that under control, and then we had to deal with the madness that is Frolicon! When I say that whole four-day weekend was crazy from start to finish, I couldn’t do it justice, I swear. Despite the fact that I worked a lot more than I wanted to during the conference, I got to indulge and enjoy a lot of stuff, so it worked itself out beautifully.

And now we come to May, the precursor to the summer…

Who knows what might happen going forward? I have a lot of stuff going on for the summer months, and I’m looking forward to a couple of book events, a couple of kink events, and a cruise to the Bahamas for my mother’s birthday.

Oh, and did I forget I still have to finish my graduate degree soon, too? Can August get here, please? I’m tired, boss!

Okay, so, my plan is to blog on a weekly basis because I have a lot going on and I want to keep this in the loop with all the stuff I got going on because this is cathartic and cleansing and it helps me create more, as strange as that may sound to you. Hopefully, I will be able to have more interesting stuff to show off in the coming weeks.

See you next week!


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