Duality & Balance - Shakir & PK Rashaan

Once upon a time, before I created the persona that is now Shakir, I actually had other writing aspirations. I wanted to write, sure, and I wanted to write professionally and commercially, but it was in a whole other vein and genre. I even had a different book series in mind way back when.

And then life got in the way while I was making those plans.

In hindsight, it wasn’t my time. My time is now, and it will be moving forward, too. However, there’s always the ability to carve a different path from the one you’re already traveling on, and I’m in the process of doing that as we speak right now.

Introducing PK Rashaan…

He has been in the background while I was getting Shakir and that platform off the ground, waiting patiently while I tried to figure out how to make space for him and that universe, which is wholly different than anything I’ve done as Shakir. That duality is nothing strange to me at all; I’ve been quite adept at doing so in other aspects of my life, and it has become second nature, for that matter.

And I’m enjoying the ride all over again!

To be able to get into a different headspace when I have to switch from Shakir to PK is unlike anything I can describe at this point in time. The circles don’t exactly blend, meaning I have to be a wholly different persona with those people who have been introduced to PK before they ever met Shakir. It isn’t exactly having a second chance to make a first impression, but you might get an idea of what I mean by that.

Hopefully, before the year is over, I will be able to have PK have his own space separate from me, but until then, I’m enjoying having the ability to give readers a whole other dimension to my vast literary universes, and that alone is worth the trip for me. I’ll admit, though, I was a bit hesitant when I thought about doing this. The fear of the unknown can be a debilitating thing, but sometimes you have to step out on faith and confidence in your ability to put out material that (almost) everyone might understand.

At the end of the day, PK and Shakir are still a part of the totality of what I am as a creative, and I’m excited to show you what is to come later in 2020 and beyond!

See you soon, we have a LOT to work through and make sure it all balances out.

Shakir & PK