High school is never easy, but if you’re the son of a former NBA great and the next high school phenom at a basketball powerhouse, it might be next to impossible.

Brandon “Trey” McCray is entering his freshman year of high school with the type of hype not seen in the Atlanta area in decades. He has the pedigree, next-level talent, and is playing at one of the most storied high schools in the state of Georgia: South Hampton High School. What he doesn’t have, however, is the acumen to handle the ever-intensifying pressure to live up to the hype.

Between the issues with his assistant principal that have nothing to do with him, his unresolved feelings for his best friend, and his unrelenting desire to step out of his father’s enormous shadow, Trey has a lot to navigate—all while forces not yet known to him lurk in the shadows, knowing his decisions will shift the balance between good and evil.

Shakir Rashaan steps into the spotlight with this exciting new series, where anything can happen.

CHOSEN (South Hampton #1)