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Bel-Air meets Cloak & Dagger in this explosive and innovative paranormal debut…


Being the new kid is always gonna land you in it.


Yasir Salah isn’t like the other guys in his new suburban Georgia high school. Lately, he can feel something changing in his body. Raw. Edgy. Volatile. Like his eyes changing colors and heat on his skin when some alpha bro comes for him…or how just a grin from the gorgeous, untouchable girl at school sends vibrations shooting through his entire body.


Only it’s not just being at a new school. It’s a new town, new rules, and everything feels way smaller than his ex-life in Atlanta. New Flow. All he can do is what he’s been told: keep a low profile and try to not be noticed…and keep his anger under control.


But they never warned him.


They never told him what he is.


And they sure as hell didn’t tell him that the world is gonna need him.

Neverwraith (Neverwraith Series #1)

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