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Good morning, good day, good evening, or whenever you have stopped by to see about me and my corner of the Internet, I just wanted to greet you properly as best as I could!

Thank you for stopping by and finding out a little more about me. I’ll do my level best to try to not make it sound boring for you. Once you’ve gotten a chance to get to know me, perhaps we’ll have the chance to further that connection in the future. Sounds like a winner, yeah?


Cool, so, let’s get started, shall we?


I know we’re supposed to have a “formal biography” so you can see what I’ve accomplished, the things I’m planning to do, blah, blah, blah, but let’s be real: you might be interested in that, and you might not be interested in that, but what we’re not gonna do is pretend that that is ALL you want to read about.

Now, to get through some of the particulars (this will more than likely evolve over time, so, bear with me, this is my bragging moment).

I’m a married father of two; Beloved and I have been together for over twenty years, soon to be married for almost nineteen. We have two children; our oldest is currently a soldier in the US Army, serving overseas, and our youngest is graduating college at the end of the year. Thankfully, they are on solid footing in what they would like to do when they really get away from school and the military. (Yes, this is an official proud parent moment)


Now, when we aren’t being parents and productive citizens and all that good stuff, we do indulge in a few proclivities that most people would attribute to a wildly popular book series that tripped the world fantastic almost a decade ago. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: I was writing about that world years before that book made it to the light of day. Hell, we’ve been living and doing it longer.  


Am I bragging? Perhaps, but more than anything, I’m irritated. This world is not some dalliance for us. This. Is. Life. In that vein, I follow that time-honored tradition that writers come to embrace: I write what I know. I write what I know because I live that life.

Anywho, that’s me in a nutshell, in a manner of speaking. I’m trying to keep it short, especially when I still have to give you the “formal” spiel, too. LOL! So, take a look around, and if you’re so inclined, subscribe to my Secret Society and request to become a member of NEBU. I’m ramping things up here, so it should be a fun ride coming.




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“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.” ~ Virginia Wolfe

The “Master of the Mindf*ck” has been creating mind-twisting stories and lavish worlds for well over a decade, rolling onto the national literary scene as a contributor to Z-Rated: Chocolate Flava 3 in 2012. His raw, vivid, and uncut writing style captured the attention of the Queen of Erotica herself, Zane. A year later, Shakir’s debut novel with Strebor/Atria/Simon & Schuster, The Awakening, opened to rave reviews, while the follow-up in the Nubian Underworld series, Legacy, garnered even more success, and the third installment, Tempest, helping to make the series one of the most unique and best-selling in the erotic romance genre.


Rashaan would later add to his impressive catalog with the debut of the Kink, P.I. Series in 2015, starting with Obsession and following up with Deception and Reckoning. Drawing comparisons to Walter Mosely’s Easy Rawlins series, Kink, P.I. has developed into yet another best-selling series, carving its place as a “throwback to the days of classic mystery books” in the mystery genre.


Further adding to his impressive portfolio, Rashaan was a regular blogger for USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog, where readers could find him at his “Manly Musings” personal blog, reviewing books, television shows, and movies from a man’s perspective. He wrote recaps for various shows for the STARZ Network, including The Girlfriend Experience, POWER, and Survivor’s Remorse, before the blog was retired in late 2018.


Shakir has gone on in recent years to pen a series of bestselling novels, including In Service to the Senator, a sexy political thriller that has been called “heart-pounding” and “an edge-of-your-seat suspense” by several reviewers, The Devil’s All-American, a unique paranormal romance featuring a rising college basketball star, Unthinkable, a not-so-conventional romance set in the entertainment industry, and most recently in 2020, Love, Lust & Beautiful Liars, a romantic suspense novel about an international weapons dealer who was looking to retire and enjoy his HEA, except for a rival dealer who wants to retire him permanently and a madam who doesn't want to let go of the love of his life without a fight.


Shakir is developing a couple of new series in the YA Paranormal genre for 2023 and beyond, including The Neverwraith Series for Entangled/Macmillan, and the South Hampton Series, in addition to a couple of YA suspense novels to expand his literary universe. He currently resides in suburban Atlanta with his wife, soon-to-be college graduate daughter, and a Jack-Chi named Teddy. 

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