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An Erotic Short -- The Ultimate Betrayal

This is another account from a close friend of mine, and at first, when I listened to the story, I didn’t know what to think. I mean, jealousy is a powerful emotion, and for each person, what is done in the aftermath is a different as night and day sometimes. What would you do if your best friend’s wife caught you having sex with her husband, and instead of the normal response of a betrayed spouse, she flipped the paradigm on you? You’re not sure, either, huh? Well, you can read the following semi-fictional account, told from his perspective, and decide for yourself.

I was at one of my co-worker’s house for the afternoon, anticipating what the night would have in store for us. His wife usually worked nights, and it gave us the opportunity to indulge in our hearts’ desires a couple of times a week. It was enough to keep things interesting, but not to arouse suspicion from his wife, either.

His name was Neil, and he and I worked at one of the more prestigious financial firms in San Francisco. His wife, Jeannie, was the general manager of one of the city’s more famous strip clubs, The Gold Club, which kept her busy on the weekends mostly, which was why we usually indulged on those days in particular. It was the perfect set up.

I felt the familiar twitching as my manhood rose to attention, allowing my mind to wander and think of what he might do to me this time. I stopped for a moment to rub my swelling growth through my pants as I silently hoped I didn’t come before the fun could really begin.

I saw his car in the driveway; hers was nowhere to be found. A wicked smile spread across my face as I imagined being taken the moment I walked through the door. It was a fantasy of mine that never got old, and we hadn’t done that in a few months, so it was time for a refresh of the decadent memory.

I rang the doorbell, expecting my paramour for the night to greet me naked and wanting, preparing to drop to my knees and suck him like my life depended on it. I received the shock of my life the moment the door opened.

“Hey, Jeannie, I thought Neil told me you had to work tonight.” Fuck, fuck, fuck! I did my best to hide my raging heat poking through my crotch, but it was a futile attempt. I know she sees it. Fuck, what do I do now? Okay, act casual, don’t draw attention to it.

“Well, I called off tonight, and my staff can handle things without me, so, here I am.” She regarded my reaction with a curiosity that made me uncomfortable. She gave me the once over before she pondered her next question. “Were you coming over to play?”

“Well, we thought we would watch the game or run some Call of Duty on the Xbox One or something like that.” I still couldn’t shake the nervousness I felt around her. Something was off about this whole conversation. I did my best to sound like it would be another ho-hum night with the fellas, anything to keep her from looking the way she did right now. “I think a couple of other co-workers were coming to do an impromptu Poker night, now that I think about it.”

The smirk on her face gave me chills. “Are you sure you weren’t going to watch yourselves fucking again while you suck his dick? Or are we going to play this, ‘We’re going to play some Poker’ bullshit?”

That question floored me. She couldn’t have known, could she? “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Jeannie.”

“Oh, it’s okay, Robert, there’s no need to embarrassed about it now. Neil told me how you love being fucked with his dick. No wonder he’s been so lackluster lately.”

I couldn’t get the words to leave my lips, no matter how hard I tried to. “Umm, I better leave. It’s obvious that you’re irritated, and I don’t want to make things worse.”

“No, I think it’s better that you come in. Trust me on that.”

I walked into the great room, looking around for Neil, incensed that I’d been betrayed. “Where is he, anyway? I saw his car out front.”

“Oh, he’ll be around sooner or later.”

The situation began to grate on my nerves now. “What do you want with me? If you’re on some revenge kick or some shit, I’d suggest you let me leave now.”

“Shut up and wait, Robert. You might end up liking what will happen to you.” The sinister sneer on her face gave me further reason to fear what she had in store. Women who were that calm in the face of finding out their significant other was with another man definitely didn’t have the best of intentions.

While I was a bit off-put by the nature of the way things were turning out, there was another side that I wanted to consider, too. Jeannie and Neil were my friends, and I didn’t want to ruin the connection I had with them. I simply didn’t want to get caught up in something so serious it would make the news broadcasts.

She called out to me from the guest bedroom on the main floor, so I stood and walked to the source of where her voice came from. I was a bit reluctant to go back there; there was no telling whether I was being ambushed or worse.

I tiptoed into the room, unsure of what to expect. I didn’t see Neil in the immediate area, but Jeannie was coming from the closet as I walked toward the bed. That was curious. “What are you doing in there?”

She sauntered out with a dress, which didn’t mean much of anything, at first. She glanced at the dress, shot a look at me, and once again at the dress before she nodded her head in approval. “Yes, this will be perfect.”

“Perfect for what, exactly? Are you and Neil going out later? Did you need my approval on the dress or something?”

Jeannie laughed, shaking her head like I was supposed to be in on the joke she’d created in her mind. “No, silly, this isn’t for me. It’s for you.”

The cryptic nature of her tone sent chills down my spine. I looked at the ensemble in her grasp, shaking my head as anger began to rise from deep within. “I’ll be damned if I wear a dress. You’re out of your mind.”

“Oh, I’m far from out of my mind. The way I figure it, if you want to suck my husband’s dick like a little slut, you should at least look the part.”

“No, I’m not doing it, and there’s nothing you can say that will make me change my mind.”

Jeannie shrugged. “Well, I guess if there’s nothing I can say to you, maybe there’s something I can say to your friends at work. Or maybe your boss, perhaps?”

Fuck, she can’t be serious, can she? She wouldn’t fuck up her own situation to ruin me. “You’re bluffing. You wouldn’t fuck yourself like that.”

“You’re the one fucking and sucking my husband, Robert. You’ve already fucked up a situation way worse than I ever could.” Jeannie shot a look at me that probably would have melted metal. “Not only would I fuck my world, and my husband’s, I would take the rest of it to make yours a living hell.”

My wheels spun, realizing I was in a hopeless situation. If I continued to balk at her request, she would follow through on her threat. She could being doing much worse, I had to admit that.

Resigning myself to whatever humiliation I would have to subject myself to keep my indiscretions hidden, I nodded, conceding defeat. “Okay, I’ll wear the dress.”

I made the move to take the dress from her, the dread washing over me in ways I couldn’t describe. She snatched it away from me, a scowl on her face. “You won’t be touching anything until you get in the shower and shave all that hair off your body. You look like a fucking gorilla with all that mess. I want it all off.”

My rage grew, but I was in an untenable situation. The only way out of this mess was to comply. She was in charge, holding my life in her hands. The thing that caught me off guard was the look in her eyes. She looked like she was enjoying what she was doing to me. What the fuck was that about?

I ignored it as I showered, doing my best to keep my mind focused on simply getting through this ordeal without any more damage to my reputation and life. I took my time, luxuriating in the heat of the water and the body wash that — wait a minute, how did she know to have the body wash waiting for me?

Once I finished, I stepped out onto the rug, drying my body off and taking a quick glance in the mirror to admire how I looked completely shaven. I hadn’t done anything like this since my college days when I was a competitive swimmer, but I did admit, it felt good to be that smooth again.

Back in the bedroom, Jeannie laid out an entire outfit: panties, bra, stockings, blouse, heels, and makeup. I didn’t know whether I wanted to laugh or cry over how deep this was going. This whole situation was getting way out of control. “You really can’t be serious about this.”

“Oh, but I am, slut. Now, get dressed, I don’t have all night. I’ll be back.”

I shrugged as I bemoaned my fate, surprised at how good the cotton thong felt against my crotch. As I slipped the stockings over my legs, I was amazed at how smooth my legs felt against the fabric, making them look silky and sexy. The bra didn’t quite fit right, but the skirt and the blouse felt like they were made for me. The same could be said for the heels I slipped on as Jeannie returned from wherever she was in the house.

She grinned as she pulled me from the bed to stand on the heels. “Now, that’s how a whore should look when he’s sucking my husband’s dick.”

She grabbed the makeup, making me stand in front of her as she applied the lipstick over my lips. She slapped me a few times when I tried to move my face away from her, which oddly turned me on to have her do that to me. I couldn’t figure out why it turned me on so much, but I couldn’t resist the raging growth straining against the thong.

Once she was done with her “masterpiece,” she pulled my hand as we left the bedroom and headed down the hallway. I stumbled several times as I tried to adjust to walking in the heels, nearly falling a couple of times despite the short distance. “Where are we going?”

Jeannie slapped me again, quieting me quickly. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

We walked down the stairs, heading to the basement, down to Neil’s mancave. My heart began to speed up, not sure what to anticipate or expect once we got down there. I slowly began to suspect that Jeannie had time to plan every aspect of her revenge plot; I would have dared to say she had weeks, especially when it came to my ensemble, including the heels that were my exact shoe size. That scared me; if she was that meticulous when she had every right to be insanely pissed right now, what else was she capable of?

Stepping through the door of his space, my jaw dropped at the sight in front of me.

There was Neil, gagged, blindfolded and bound with his arms and legs tied against his recliner. The cock ring tightened around his massive girth, causing my mouth to salivate in anticipation. I shouldn’t have been having those thoughts, considering the situation, but I couldn’t help myself. It was harder than I’d ever seen it.

A swift swat to my ass cheeks snapped me back into my current reality. “Kneel, bitch.”

She snatched the blindfold off Neil’s head, watching his reaction as our eyes met. He was still a bit disoriented, but he recovered long enough to see me in my new outfit. As weird as it sounded to admit, I blushed as he regarded the outfit. It was even weirder that I imagined he was grinning despite the gag in his mouth.

“So, what do you think of your fuck toy, now, baby? He makes a sexy slut, doesn’t he?”

He tried to talk, but the gag made it difficult to understand him. His shaft was pulsing and throbbing mere inches from my mouth, and I wanted desperately to take some pleasure within the humiliation I was suffering.

My silent desires were not lost on Jeannie. “You want to suck him, don’t you, slut?”

I was caught. I was humiliated beyond any comprehension, and yet the only thing on my mind was to be his complete cockslut. “I’m not…I mean, I don’t — ”

“Yes, you do, bitch. You’ve wanted to suck him from the minute you pulled up in the driveway.” Jeannie pushed my face closer to the prize I’d been craving all night. “Say it, whore.”

“Yes, I want it.”

“Yes, what?”

I looked at her like she was crazy. “I said yes, dammit.”

That earned me another smack across my face. “The proper response is, ‘Yes, Mistress, I want to suck his dick.’ Now, say it, whore.”

“Yes, Mistress, I want to suck his dick.”

“Good boy, I knew you could do it.”

In the next few seconds, she dropped a bomb that neither of us saw coming. “Did you two honestly think that I didn’t know what was going on? My dear husband forgot all about the surveillance cameras all over the house, which provided a spectacular series of episodes of your trysts.”

I lost the ability to breathe for a few seconds. She could have literally ruined me at any given moment, and I foolishly thought we had been careful, discreet.

“I’ve known for the past six months; long enough to plan out exactly what I’ve wanted to do to you both. I’m in charge now, and I will be for as long as I see fit. Stick around long enough, and you might learn to enjoy it.”

As she talked, I finally got a chance to notice that she wore a robe, but what was under the robe had my attention. I got a peek at the garter and stockings, showing off the thickest legs I’d seen in a long time. I didn’t know she was so well put together, and it caused me to moan out as my dick engorged, threatening to slip from the thong with a vengeance.

“See anything you like, Robert?” She moved into my personal space, thrusting her crotch in my face. I expected to inhale the sweet, musky aroma of her arousal, but I was shocked into disarray once she opened her robe. “I figured, since you both like dicks so much, I might as well bring another one to the party.”

I didn’t want to look like I was enjoying the unexpected pleasure, but inside I exploded! It was a dream of mine to be pegged by a sexy woman, and if it meant she could take all of her anger out on me for nearly ruining her marriage, I would happily take every inch of that monster sitting between her legs.

Neil, on the other hand, was mortified. He had never seen his wife with a strap-on before, the shock was written all over his face. I silently began to wonder if she’d been putting that monster to work while she was at work. Images of her in the VIP rooms of the club, after hours, fucking at least one of her dancers flooded my mind, fueling more fantasies I’d planned to masturbate to in the near future.

“So, how do you like it, slut?”

“I love it, Mistress. I think it’s exquisite. I can’t wait to feel it in my ass.”

“I plan to, my sexy slut. In fact, I think I’ll take you off my husband’s hands for good, if you’re a good bitch. Would you like that?”

I almost squealed when I felt the tip of her monster ease its way into my asshole before I could answer her question. In my mind, I was ready to proclaim my devotion to her and her only. Neil was good, but I wanted to feel the raw emotion, the aggression Jeannie needed to get out of her system.

“Yeah, some strap-on girl dick, that’s what you want, isn’t it?” Her voice sounded devious, like she wanted to claim me and humiliate her husband at the same time. I was in such a delirious state that I didn’t care. All I wanted was to be filled and used.

“God, yes, please, Mistress.”

She eased deeper inside me, clawing her nails into my ass. The waves of pleasure washed over me with an ever-increasing intensity. I almost passed out; Neil wasn’t as thick as her shaft was, and feeling her soft, delicate hands caress my skin was euphoric.

“That’s it, slut, feel my dick deep inside your ass.” She started stroking me long and slow, moaning as she started to get into the flow. “Neil, doesn’t my new slut look sexy when he’s getting fucked?”

I should have cared that Neil was being castrated in front of me, but the orgasmic waves shooting through me dulled any sense of obligation to him that I thought I had. With each deepening stroke massaging my prostate, pushing me deeper into the abyss of a series of near-death experiences, I was happily becoming hers.

I grabbed for Neil, in a wanton state where I needed every hole filled with something long and hard. He wasn’t as hard as he was before, but I was bound and determined to change that, like my life depended on making sure I got every drop out of him, whether he no longer wanted me to or not.

“Tell me you belong to me, slut. Tell me you’re mine!”

I felt her chest pressing across my back, her hardened nipples sending a new rush of pleasure through me as she began to take my ass with reckless abandon. The agonizing desire threatened to take me into a mental I wasn’t ready for, but I had no choice but to take it, accept my new truth, my new reality.

But it felt so good. “Please, fuck me, Mistress. Make me yours! I’m all yours!”

Neil tried to kick me away from him, straining against the binds on his legs, but he was helpless to stop me from sucking him whole, treating his girth like a last meal before being put to death. He grunted through the ball gag, still unable to be audibly understood, but it was obvious now. He no longer wanted to be a part of what was happening in front of him.

Her hips moved against my ass with the rhythm of a symphony in perfect harmony as she picked up the pace, growling in my ear as she felt my body trembling under her. “Say it again! Tell me you’re my fuck slut!”

She slammed into my ass as hard and fast as she could, consuming me into a haze of lustful images and sensations. I felt like I was on auto-pilot; my thoughts and actions were no longer my own. “I’m your fuck slut! Keep fucking your fuck slut, Mistress!”

“Mmmm, that’s a good boy! Keep taking this dick, bitch! You’re a good slut, you’re gonna make me cum, you keep this up!”

She was pounding my ass now, the slapping sound of skin resonating off the walls. She commanded me to flip on my back, wrapping my legs around her waist as she continued to stroke me into oblivion. She took my dick in her hands and began to jack me off as she fucked me. My eyes rolled into my head, realizing my impending orgasm would be more intense than anything I’d ever felt before.

“Mistress, I want to cum, can I cum for you?”

“Fuck, I want to make you cum all over yourself. Cum…cum for me right now!”

My hips rose from the carpet, the explosion felt like it was coming from deep within my core. Her hands squeezed and stroked until I felt the familiar burn before the eruption shot through my shaft. I growled deep as spurt after spurt streamed out, some landing across my chest, and another burst landing on Neil’s ankle. The rest oozed all over her hands as she continued to pound away at my ass.

What shocked me was that after a blast like that, I was usually spent and flaccid, but to my — and her — surprise, my dick stood tall and proud, like it was ready for another round.

Jeannie grabbed at the quick release on her harness and hopped on top of my throbbing length, bouncing on it like there was no tomorrow. It was unexpected; for her to fuck me without protection had to be the final straw for her husband to bear witness. “Oh, fuck, make me cum, bitch, you better make me cum, goddamn you!”

Not seconds later, her high-pitched screams reverberated against my ears as she clawed and scratched my chest, drawing blood as she rode the wave for as long as she could. It was the ultimate betrayal between husband and wife; a betrayal that, months later, would culminate in a divorce proceeding that had her taking the house, the cars — and me.

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