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First Look - SAMOIS: Book Four/Chronicles of the Nubian Underworld

Photo Credit: Solomon Abrams

Greetings and all that such stuff...oh, and Happy New Year, since I haven't seen you since the end of 2017!

With a little over six weeks to go before the worldwide release of SAMOIS, I thought I would go ahead and throw a chapter out there for readers to see what I'm up to. There's a lot going on in this installment, but what else is new, right? LOL

This one is being done from shamise's point of view, and if you know anything about my series, I use several points of view to give you as well-rounded a story as I can...



Watching sajira as she moved through the crowd was a source of pride and lust for me.

She’d grown so much over the past year, especially after everything that happened while we were on the island. With everything that has been going on, I didn’t take into account that there might have been something that she might need to talk about it. A lot happened, there was no getting around it, and after she recounted the gauntlet that she put herself through to purge, I wondered to myself as to whether or not it was actually out of her system.

I half-expected it to break her; hell, it would have broken me if I’d caught my ex-husband in such a compromising position with the “woman” he was with. As kinky as I could get at times when it came to Daddy, there’s a difference when it wasn’t negotiated ahead of time. It was a complete betrayal, especially when he was so hell bent on trying to use the mystique of the island to give the impression that he’d wanted to rekindle their passion.

I almost wanted to strangle him myself, but finding himself released from service and having to try to find his way back to the States seemed to be more fitting for his demise. He hadn’t tried to contact her since, and it’s almost a shame that he has all but disappeared from the kink community, although word on the street was that he re-engaged with the swingers’ community. It was for the best, the way I saw it, but it seemed like his absence gave sajira the freedom to take her commitment to the House to levels I could only imagine for her.

So much other stuff has happened within between us all in one form or fashion; amani’s relationship with both sajira and me have taken on their own poly feel within the House structure. I wasn’t sure how it managed to get to this point, but the way he defended Goddess during that debacle with that so-called Dominant turned us on so much we’d damn near stopped looking at him as our “brother” and lusted at every turn over him. Even the relationship between sajira and me had deepened after she’d received her eternity collar; in my mind, it made things rock solid between us. We were in this together, for better or worse, putting in work to serve our Daddy and Goddess, for as long as the ethos would allow it for us.

I took a stroll around the grounds, sitting with my thoughts the entire way. I marveled over how things at NEBU had both changed and improved over the years. It no longer looked like an eternity of forestry when we first took things over from Master Amenhotep. Now, what was set before me was a swath of cottage houses, making NEBU resemble something of a tribal village complexity, with winding paths between them. The further into the dearth of the compound I walked, the more the energy of the tribe surrounded me, placing me into a surreal sense of serenity. I was home, in every sense of the word.

I continued my sojourn through the maze, smiling at the different women as they indulged with their bottoms. I couldn’t hide my enjoyment of watching all the different kinds of kinkiness going on, despite the fact that I had to fight my own urges to want to be on the receiving end of the implements I observed being used. It was times like this where I almost regretted agreeing to be in Top space all weekend long. If this kept up, I was going to all but beg Goddess to whip me within an inch of my life once this was done.

I continued through the maze, finding my way to the edge of the perimeter of the compound, observing as the security personnel were on their usual sweep as directed by Sigma. Everything was clicking on all cylinders, humming like a well-oiled machine. It wasn’t like we were going to be disturbed out here by a non-kink element, but there was no point in trying to take any chances.

I did my best to fight the urges swelling inside me, but I couldn’t resist the heat coursing through me. The officers seemed to be preoccupied with the perimeter, so I sat down on the plush grass and slipped a hand under my skirt. It wasn’t blatant enough to draw attention, but it was enough to stir my sex into a furor with as much haste as I could muster. Being out in the open was the aphrodisiac I needed to get off, and my fingers plunged deep inside as my mind began to wander into all sorts of explicit scenarios.

My eyes fluttered open and shut, but they were open long enough to notice one of the officers watching me as I continued to pleasure myself into oblivion. She did her best to keep watching the perimeter and keeping a watchful eye on me, too, trying to decide if she wanted to come over or not. A subtle come-hither motion of my fingers brought her into my space within minutes. As she approached, I spread my legs, exposing my freshly-shaved invitation to whatever I wanted her to do in that moment—and she was going to do whatever I wanted.

The moment I was in her space, she dropped to her knees, her energy responding to me as a Top in the interactions between us. “Forgive me, my Lady, but this girl couldn’t resist wanting to be in Your presence. This girl would love to be handled by You before the weekend is over with, when she is not on duty.”

I didn’t know how to react in that moment, truth be told. I always marveled at how submissives and slaves bowed in reverence to Goddess, so to have this woman on her knees gave me a rush that I wasn’t familiar with. I did know that I couldn’t resist the urge to make her take the edge off until I could get back to the main house. “May I ask your name, love? I would like to know who to ask for when you are off duty.”

“This girl’s name is brandi, my Lady.” Her eyes remained downcast, despite my urges to make her connect with me. I didn’t want to break the protocol of the weekend, but this was a new connection, and I wanted to find out more about her. “This girl has been a part of the Onyx Pearls for the past year.”

I’d learned about the LGBTQ Leather organizations from Goddess a while back. We didn’t really speak about affiliation due to the politics that she chose not to deal with years ago when I was first training to become a part of the House. As quiet as it was kept, Goddess was a founding member of a sisterhood of Dominas, but since they weren’t Leather affiliated and didn’t include those on the other side of the slash, it really didn’t take off the way the other organizations did. It didn’t really matter to me; being unaffiliated had its benefits, giving me the ability to move the way I wanted to in the manner I saw fit. I didn’t have the stomach for the messiness of who didn’t rock with who and the other land mines that I didn’t feel the need to keep up with.

That didn’t have anything to do with my current situation, though.

I grabbed her face, forcing her to look into my eyes. She didn’t resist; in fact, there was a look of pure relief on her face that I made her do it. Her eyes were transfixed, mesmerized as I guided her gaze from my chest, to my hips, and finally to my thighs, feeling the familiar heat begin to radiate. “Do you like what you see, love?”

“Yes, my Lady.”

“Come closer, taste Me.” The adrenaline rush I felt from being in such a powerful position was enough to have me climax before her tongue was able to suck my clit for more than a few seconds. I sensed her hesitation, which aroused a different emotion inside me. “I won’t say it again, brandi. Taste My pussy, now.”

The feeling of her breath against my pussy was amazing as she closed her mouth over my clit and sucked it with a sense of obsession I hadn’t felt except for when sajira and I were together. I grabbed her hair, forcing her mouth to lick and suck where I wanted, each shock of pleasure setting my nerve endings on fire. “That’s it, lick right there…suck on it harder…oh, fuck, you’re gonna make me come…shit, don’t stop!”

I wrapped my legs around her neck, holding her in place as I shook from the wave that was ready to claim my body. Before long, my hips bucked, my muscles clenched tighter, and I damn near growled into the night sky as I threatened to squirt all over her face. The orgasm wouldn’t let me go, and my growls soon quieted, the force of my climax rendering me speechless. All I could do was keep my grip on her hair, desperate not to let the sensation leave me just yet.

brandi kept going, almost like she wanted to suck the very life from my body. I fought to find my voice again before she caused me to pass out. “Stop! Stop sucking, now! Fuck, stop it!”

She lifted from my legs, disappointed that she’d been commanded to stop pleasuring me, but she slipped back into a kneeling position. Upon observing the mixture of bliss and irritation on my face, she immediately dropped her head. “Forgive this girl, my Lady, she mistook Your encouragement to continue pleasing You. she got lost in the encouragement. she will accept any correction for her transgression as You see fit.”

This whole interlude became more of a head trip than I’d anticipated. I watched as brandi did her best to contain her disappointment, a subtle rock back and forth letting me know she didn’t want to get into any more trouble than she might have already had the potential to be in. I’d forgotten she’d left her post on the perimeter to indulge my desires, and I had to figure out how best to handle the current sequence of events.

“brandi, there is nothing to forgive, I should have been a bit more aware of things when they got too intense for Me.” I caressed her face, watching her calm herself at my touch. Yeah, I could get used to this and then some. “Go back to your post, and meet Me back at the main house when you’re off shift. We can continue in more private and less rushed circumstances, yes?”

“Yes, my Lady, she would like that, if she is permitted to say so,” brandi replied, lifting from her position to get back to her post on the perimeter.

I watched her hurry, noticing that in that moment, no one had been around to witness our tryst. I was relieved at that, not for fear that we would get caught, but more to the point to where we didn’t get caught. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that, since my exhibitionist kink is always in need of being fed. I checked my watch and realized I needed to get back to the main house myself, or I would miss out on the opening ceremonies.

I may have been in Top mode, but I was not about to bring any type of dishonor to my House, under any circumstances. I’d rather die first.

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