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Anthology Project Announcement

Remember when I said I have my moments when I start adding projects to my schedule?

Consider this another one of those projects...

This is going to be an anthology project (with the capacity to extend to a full length novel) that will be a part of an anthology called Sugar, (Southern) Spice, and Everything Nice

Meet the cover model I've chosen for the project, and the short synopsis of what the novella will entail

Project Title: A Little Spice Never Hurt Anyone

Caressa Sidana is a chocolatier magnate in search of something unique to launch her liqueur truffle line. She has more than a few tempting options vying for her attention—in the boardroom and the bedroom. Can she mix a little spice—literally and figuratively—to sate her palate and her business interests?

I'm going a little outside the box with this one, both in character and in locale...I'm stepping out of the US to indulge in a bit of an exotic adventure...despite the fact that the main character is a woman of middle eastern descent (there will be some Westernization to a degree, she was born in London)

Expect this in October...she's liable to burn the pages and then some

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