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Pre-NaNo Preparation Time

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!"

Actually, no it's not LOL, but I had to get a chuckle in before I dig into what's on my mind.

October is usually the unofficial start of the holiday season, with Halloween kicking in at the end of the month.

For most of us creative writers, though, myself included, we actually attribute it to the infamous phrase of Ned Stark:

"Winter is coming."

By winter, it means that NaNoWriMo is on the horizon.

50,000 words (or more). 30 days to get it done.

It's a gauntlet that many do not want to undertake, an unofficial gauntlet with a deadline that puts you in an accountability space that is unlike anything you'll ever encounter again in life.

At least, until the next NaNo comes around *insert maniacal laughter*

Last year, I put myself through the gauntlet to rewrite the first Neverwraith book, and this year brings the second Neverwraith book and the preparation for it.

I have a little less than thirty days to get things lined up so all I need to do when November 1st comes through is WRITE!

Wish me luck ... I'm gonna need it.


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