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Cover Reveal - SAMOIS (Nubian Underworld #4)

Two more months to go, and I can finally present the cover art for my latest creation, SAMOIS, the fourth installment of my Nubian Underworld series!


“If you thought Ramesses was the only one capable of making big things happen, you’ve got another thing coming.”

The Lady of the House of Kemet-Ka takes the reins of the compound in the fourth installment of the Nubian Underworld series, where the creation of a fantasy weekend inside of NEBU comes with a myriad of peaks and valleys.

Neferterri, with assistance from Mistress Sinsual and Mistress Blaze, hosts the “SAMOIS Society” fantasy weekend: a female supremacy fantasy world, where the women are in charge and the men are subservient. With Ramesses and Amenhotep out of the country on business, the final decisions for the weekend are hers and hers alone.

SAMOIS: Book Four of the Chronicles of the Nubian Underworld takes readers into a unique fantasy experience, with an explosive twist and ending guaranteed to question the definitions of loyalty and friendship.

This is bound to be the most entertaining and explosive installment yet! It's been a few years since I've had a chance to get back into that world, but it was worth the layoff, and I can't wait to get you back into the mix. You won't be disappointed.

Sex. Drama. Suspense. You know the deal with my by now, I mean, come on?

March 7th cannot come fast enough!

You can preorder an AUTOGRAPHED copy of SAMOIS by going to my website at and clicking on the cover art for SAMOIS on the front page. Click on the NEBU logo and take it from there.

I'm looking forward to all of you picking up your copy from me...let's GO!

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